Procedural marble and granite

In games or in real-time interactive programs, simple photos are used as textures for meshes. While the concept behind this is genuine, like Why do I have to create something already present in real-life with so much detail?, on the other hand many problem arise from this choice: tiling and memory consumption just to name a few. One of the possible solutions to this problem is represented by Procedural Textures. By using Perlin Noise and customizing it a little bit, I was able to produce some nice looking procedural textures, as shown in this page.

The main idea behind Perlin noise reflects what you see in real life, which is related to the concept of fractals: for example, looking at a distant mountain you are able to see just the biggest jaggies; the more you are closer to it, however, the more smaller detail begin to emerge. By adding together different variations of the same mathematical function, you are infact building a main profile with its distinct shape, characterized also by smaller jaggies that add detail on small scale.

Playing with parameters and using some techniques of image processing I was able to create marble and granite procedural textures. In the particular case of marble, I’ve also parametrized the colour, easily producing many variations so that I could mimic the look of red, green, black and white marble.

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