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UnityDevelop with iTween syntax autocompletition!

January 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve begun working with Unity, what a great piece of software! Sadly, the integrated script editor isn’t much help since it doesn’t have any autocompletition feature at all. I’ve found however a pretty useful (yet unfinished and unpolished) editor which supports it as well as many other little things that make our life a little bit better and easier.

iTween autocompletition

I’m talking about UnityDevelop, a script editor made by Flashbang Studios which is based on FlashDevelop by Mika Palmu and has been customized to better fit Unity development process. In order for UnityDevelop to work properly, you have to download the Unity 3.3 Classes and unzip them in “C:\Program Files\UnityDevelop\Classes”.

Then, you will need the Javascript representation of the iTween’s class structure. I’ve created it and made public for you to use it, so just grab it and enjoy! As with the Unity classes, just unzip in the same folder.



How to count total lines of code in VS.NET

January 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve found this little neat string that can be used in the VS.NET integrated Find and gives your current project / solution / file total line count:


To use it, just press CTRL+SHIFT+F, then select Use Regular Expressions and finally write the file extensions in which you want to count the lines of code. 🙂

The results will be displayed at the Find result window‘s end.

Thanks go to Germán Schuager for the tip.